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Acres of Diamonds PLUS The Magic Story – Two all-time success classics in one volume.With Acres of Diamonds the reader is shown one of the greatest lessons anyone can learn: how to find your own wealth, now, right where you are, with the resources you already possess.”Opportunity does not just come along-it is there all the time -we just have to see it.” – Earl NightingaleA true and wonderfully inspiring story.The Magic Story caused an immediate and worldwide sensation when it first appeared in ‘Success’ magazine in 1900.

Its message remains just as relevant today.A powerful way to achieve personal success…”.full of simple success wisdom.

The book is over a hundred years old.

I just recently discoved this book and feel lucky to have found it.”

  • Author: Russell H. Conwell
  • Pages Count: 76
  • Language of the book: en
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  • Published date: 2011-06
  • Viewability: PARTIAL
Published by Russell H. Conwell
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